LeBron James Adult Toy-‘LeBoned’

It sounds incredible, but it's true.

Guy Hut

Frank White / Published 7th March 2016

It sounds incredible, but it’s true. Australians have started selling dildo with the image of the world’s most famous players.

Have you ever been looking for something around the house and ‘accidentally’ stumble upon your ladies stash of toys? Did you find LeBron James in there? If not, you might in the future because there is now a LeBron James dildo named ‘LeBone’.

It’s part of a series of celebrity dildos which include plays on other athletes/celebrities like David Beckham and The Rock, which amazingly are just as hilarious as the LeBron James dildo.

If you’re thinking of picking one up for your special lady, they’re going to cost you $99 bucks each, but there’s no price too much for a King James toy, right?

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